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At i-Transform & Perform Consulting, we are passionate about developing the Human Capital, the central factor to the success of any business!

We believe that people perform at their best when reaching their potential capabilities, when their role appeal to their motivational resources offering them an opportunity to pursue their fundamental quest.

We made it our Mission “Enabling our clients achieve a significant leap in performance by unlocking the potential of their Human Capital, to innovate, create value and strengthen their competitive advantage".

Our purpose is to support your HR organization and offer you innovative solutions addressing the following dimensions:

  • HR Strategy
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Leadership Development
  • Organization Capability
  • Talent Selection & Development
  • Organisation Culture

We design & develop protocols, programs, assessments and workshops to build on the people’s adaptive behavioural strategies and develop the four key Success Factors for any organization. We work with managers and leaders at all levels to help them capitalise on their talents, get around their own internal barriers and create movement. This has never been so crucial as it is today due the fast-changing business environment.

Our mission

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