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Any company of any size must evolve by adopting changes in order to ensure its competitiveness, whether it is a digital transformation, technological evolution, strategic change, process reengineering, organization restructuring, a merger or an acquisition.
However, researches have shown that 70% of the transformation projects failed to meet their target value due to numerous factors, often leading to one common factor, It's about People!

It is evident that People are at the heart of change, and that the success of your transformation projects depends directly on it.
i-Transform & Perform Consulting offers you tailor-made support to assess those challenges throughout the various aspects and stages of your business transformation.

We offer you Human-centered solutions to better prepare your teams, facilitate your organization’s mindset shift, so these are no longer a restraint to your ambitions and hence enabling you to assure the success of your organization’s transformation!

Our solutions aim to

  • Implement a transformation that promotes alignment of your organization with the goals of your business transformation.
  • Develop a culture of metamorphosis allowing permanent adaptation to changes.

Our Solutions

  • changement atelier1We realise organization’s assessment to set your organization in motion through-out the transformation process and identify the cultural barriers representing a threat to the implementation of change. We approach strategy and organization culture together, because culture is what shapes how people go about to execute and implement the strategy. When culture is aligned with strategy, your people will clearly know where the organization is heading, why it is pursuing that direction, and how to get there and contribute to success.

  • We facilitate workshops and interviews aimed to formulate your vision for the organization, to instil energy and inspire the change you want to see implemented. We provide you support in defining your objectives, key success factors and the support structure you need for implementing the change.

  • We provide you support in identifying and selecting your team who will lead the change and realise the transformation of your organization. We use an innovative behavioural dynamic approach to identify your leaders and managers whose capability to adapt and motivational resources are aligned with future work processes and the corporate culture to be adopted.

  • changement puzzle Leveraging on collective intelligence and adaptive behavioural strategies, our workshops will enable your leaders and managers to embrace and lead the change by changing their mindset in order to realise your strategy and by focusing on how your employees go about in implementing the new way of working!

  • We also provide support to executives, management teams and managers, to adopt and shape the vision into the workflow of each employee.

  • We also provide support to employees by creating a favourable work environment for the change, making them become part of the change.
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