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Whether your strategic priorities are changing, your business is growing, your company is restructuring, or whether you are adopting new technology or processes, i-Transform & Perform Consulting offers you tailor-made HR Consulting services and solutions focused on what matters most to create a high-performance organisation, your employees!
We provide you support to enable the growth of your business by addressing the following HR areas

  • HR Strategy
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Performance and engagement
  • HR Development
  • HR processes and practices

It's with this perspective, that i-Transform & Perform Consulting offers you its following solutions

Outsourced / Consulting HR Director

Whether you need an experienced HR Director to develop and implement the HR strategy, set-up plans for your organization development, rethink your HR processes and practices, or to develop your organization capability, we are committed to provide you the best advice you need in Human Resources management to resolve your HR issues, offering you therefore the opportunity to focus on your core business


Recruiting, onboarding and developing talents is a challenge for organizations that are in constant evolution. Match & Select is a solution for acquiring new talents or for developing existing talents into new roles. It. provides an objective evaluation of the profile you need to select to keep up with your organization development. Match & Select will enable you to transform cold and static organization roles and to project them into the human dimension in order to make a precise selection of your future talents ensuring therefore their alignment with the missions entrusted to them.

Learning & Development

Want to improve your organization’s Learning & Development ROI? You need then to consider adapting your Learning & Development delivery methods to effectively match the learning styles of your employees and the competence to be acquired. Every individual has a different approach when acquiring knowledge or skills. As an example, some would learn better through detailed examples when others might loose interest with such level of details, preferring a global learning approach. We offer you a dynamic behavioural study with a solution, that will enable your learning and training teams to adapt the training delivery, maximizing the participants’ learning experience. The obvious benefit is a faster access to a competent level resulting in a better operation performance.

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