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" If someone is self-aware, then they can always continue to grow.

If they’re not self-aware, I think it’s harder for them to evolve or adapt beyond who they already are."

Tony HSIEH - former Zappos CEO in an Interview to Adam BRYANT


In today's rapidly changing work environment, leaders, managers and employees must step out of their comfort zone and adapt, often in changing contexts. The future perspective often blurry and masked by our own internal barriers makes Coaching an essential solution, enabling individuals and teams to set in motion, have a clearer vision, overcome their own internal barriers, in order to reveal their potential and work more efficiently together.


coaching individuel 3Individual Coaching

Are you looking for:

  • growing and progressing towards another position?
  • adopting a new posture to better carry out your missions?
  • taking on new responsibilities?
  • a way to manage your emotions when facing certain situations at work?
  • retraining and changing your career towards a different profession?
  • developing your leadership qualities or your management efficiency?


Whatever your need is, we start from where you are today, using a Dynamic Behavioural Assessment to identify the areas we need to address with you in order to coach you in developing concrete solutions for your challenges and chart with you the way forward.


Team Coaching

coaching individuel 3

Are you confronted with:

  • a conflict within your team, department or with another team?
  • a lack of synergy and efficiency of your team?
  • a difficulty integrating your organization following a merger / acquisition?
  • a situation of your team misalignment with your organization culture?


Indeed, at the heart of those situations lies an incoherence or a lack of synergy between the team members themselves or between the team member(s) and the organization culture.

It takes more than just setting a framework and defining roles & responsibilities to create a synergy, coherence and solidarity among the team members.

Each employee has a unique talent in the way they prioritise and execute their work. Bringing in the best talents together is not a ticket for a team efficiency, unless we develop the dynamics of interaction among the team members.

We provide you support to resolve those sensitive situations, by performing objective analysis of your team dynamics, highlighting the areas of conflicts and those areas overlooked by the team. We work with your team during the team coaching workshops to adopt a new balance in their team dynamics strengthening their synergy and cohesion, thus enabling Team effectiveness.

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