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We have developed our approach to provide the best human-centred support to organizations and their leaders in order to achieve great performance by enabling People's Adaptative Strategies and consequently turn Business Strategy into Action.

Acting at the intersection of people development and consulting, we have defined our approach to be founded on:

  • Success Factors enabling business performance,
  • a Balanced Framework ensuring organization efficiency,
  • and a Methodology to mobilise the Human Capital Adaptive capabilities.

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Success Factors

We have developed our model around the following four success factors that we believe are essential to create value and promote the performance and growth of your business, especially in an economic environment hit by Uncertainty, Volatility, Complexity and Ambiguity #VUCA.

  • Creativity; the ability to innovate, multiply opportunities making a blurred vision clearer.
  • Engagement of the human capital by aligning their purpose and motivation with their activities is a key factor in dealing with uncertainties and ambiguity.
  • Organizational Agility by promoting team dynamics that relies on the ability to adapt in order to overcome their own barriers and cope with volatility and accelerated change.
  • Leadership, to bring the vision to reality, by emotionally connecting to the team, to influence and empower them, reassuring them about the future to stay on the course.

Our dynamic diagnostic is designed to reveal the area(s) that requires more focus in order to adapt our service delivery to your project needs and scope whether it’s a whole organization or a target population or department


Balanced Framework

At the heart of any organization performance improvement project or a business transformation lies this transformation that takes place in the people behavioural skills and the organisation culture!

A new technology project or remodelling of work processes will inevitably impact the human capital behavioural competencies, how they go about to work and eventually on the organisation culture!

At i-Transform & Perform Consulting, we work with our clients to balance the People, Process & Technology framework by projecting roles and processes into the human dimension and through our cross analysis, we identify favouring and restricting values or behavioural practices within the organisation culture.

i-TNP - How we do it - Balanced Framework


Our Methodology

Focused on projects and solutions, we combine an Innovative dynamic behavioural approach and Collective Intelligence methodology. The dynamic behavioural approach will develop individual’s or team’s awareness of their behavioural potential, their motivational drivers and what they tend to avoid, thus allowing them to set in motion by capitalizing on their potential and their adaptative behavioural strategies.

Merging the dynamic behavioural approach with the Collective Intelligence methodology, teams will be able to build on their mutual adaptive behavioural capabilities, gaining on efficiency and quality of results.

How we do it - Methodology
Dynamic behavioural approach
Collective Intelligence methodology


Our approach is the common thread for all our services, workshops, programs & training. It is in particular of a great value in a Simulation environment, to develop creative business solutions in a risk-free environment, and using real-life dynamics, where participants make decisions allowing them to experience critical interdependencies, execute best practices, and test the levers they can use to optimize their company’s performance.

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